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OptimiSE magazine, SyntheSys’ biannual publication is aimed at members of the Software and Systems Engineering Community.  The magazine aims to share best practices and technical insight and gives us a platform to share company news.  This informative magazine presents a collection of articles about Systems and Software and we hope that you, our colleagues and customers throughout the community, will find it both interesting and useful.

OptimiSE Magazine - Issue 1

Featured Issue: Special Edition - July 2018

Optimising Software and Systems Engineering Projects with Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)

The Engineering life cycle as applied to both software and systems projects has remained fairly stable for many years.  This is because the concept and mechanisms are effective in the design and delivery of a product.

Why change something that works?

The recent development in CLM does not aim to alter the life cycle as such but to optimise and accelerate the development process within the framework of the life cycle.  By making development and process data available to all relevant parties and adding workflow control, projects are accelerated and product quality is improved.

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Getting Certified

As a Systems Engineer, are your capabilities recognised and does it matter?


Certification within any industry sector is a sure-fire way to accelerate one's career, yet there are many Systems Engineers, Developers and Managers who do not tap into the benefits of certification.

In this issue of OptimiSE, we explore certification options and the real benefits of certification.

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What is the purpose of Verification and Validation?

Our Systems Engineering trainer, Mark Williamson, gives his top tips for effective Verification and Validation.

Verification and Validation, as separate systems engineering processes are often confused with each other, depending on the functional domain.  They are also frequently bundled together as 'testing'.  In my role delivering systems engineering training and client consultancy, I am often asked:

''What are your top tips for effective Verification and Validation?''

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