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OptimiSE magazine, SyntheSys’ biannual publication is aimed at members of the Software and Systems Engineering Community.  The magazine aims to share best practices and technical insight and gives us a platform to share company news.  This informative magazine presents a collection of articles about Systems and Software and we hope that you, our colleagues and customers throughout the community, will find it both interesting and useful.

OptimiSE Magazine - Issue 1

Featured Issue: Issue 2 - January 2019

Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements describe how a product must behave - they identify its functions.  Some people describe these as 'capability' requirements.  These are the ones that everyone has an opinion on and they are relatively easy to capture.


Non-Functional Requirements are sometimes described as 'anything about a system that isn't what it does'.  They describe the quality attributes of a system and they impose limitations on the functions of the system.


In this article we look at the difference between functional and non-functional requirements.  What's the difference between what the solution must do and how it must be done?

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Guest Article: Model-Based Systems Engineering with OMG SysML™

Supporting Network Rail IT Upgrade

Model-Based Systems Engineering is a growing discipline within Systems Engineering that returns significant benefits over traditional document-based methods across the entire life cycle.


Guest author, Fraser Chadburn, discusses the merits of the techniques and how OMG SysML™ is a game changer.

SyntheSys completes an upgrade of IBM® DOORS® and Rational® Publishing Engine at Network Rail.


Network Rail has a long history of using DOORS® in major engineering projects and in its Information Management division.  SyntheSys was invited by IBM® to take on the contract.  Read the full story to learn more about how Network Rail is using DOORS® to accelerate major railroad projects.

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